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Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year, New Shoes, Weigh in & Janathon Day 1

Firstly, happy New Year!  

Luckily for me hubby is working all weekend so New Year's Eve was a very quiet affair with a late dinner, a couple of vodka cranberrys and a small brandy in bed when midnight arrived.  On the downside him working does mean I'm on my own during the day until I go back to work on Tuesday.   My lovely teenage daughter is taking advantage of other people's hospitality. 

So it's the first day of Janathon.  I have today walked 8 km with the dog and run 7km with my run buddy, Sue.

Apart from Janathon, the other reason for wanting to get out running today was to try out my new running shoes which I bought last week.  I honestly chose them for fit and comfort - absolutely nothing to do with the colour or the rather lovely shop assistant in Sweatshop!!  I have to say that compared to the other pairs I've had my feet feel good after the first use - no blisters so far and the heel pain I was getting from the New Balance has disappeared! 

I also weighed myself today so not only am I pushing myself to do Janathon  I am also restricting calorie intake (read .... laying off alcohol, cheese & chocolate).   I'm going to struggle with ignoring any cake like items!!!!!  Hopefully the combination of all these walks and extra runs will help bring the weight down which has suddenly added itself to my slight frame!  I only need to lose a stone.   I've been using for a few years and had up until the middle of 2011 managed to keep the weight off.  

So that's day one jogged, logged & blogged - roll on Monday to do it all over again!


  1. Well done for a great start - like the shoes!
    I've also got to be good and use Janathon to shift a few pounds... When we've finished all the cake.

  2. Love those new shoes! Well done on making a great start today. I too shall be using janathon as a weight loss tool. Have gained a lot of weight after being out due to injury for the second half of last year.

  3. great start, I hopped on the scales today and nearly fell off I had gained that much. last Janathon I lost eight pounds, hope it works for us both this time :)

  4. I'm with you on the poundage! Good time of year to be doing this challenge. Looking forward to day 2,

  5. shoes are very nice! good luck for Janathon