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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Ruby Tuesday - 24th of Janathon

I wonder how far I can go with the song titles this week.

I awoke this morning with a strange "feeling" at the back of my knee - is that my hamstring waving hello just to remind me that exercise efforts for January are coming to an end and it needs a rest!  Well it won't get one just yet.   A run with Sue was planned tonight but she cancelled before I had chance to get my running kit on.   If I'm changed and she cancelled I normally go out by myself.    Consequently having done a 7k dog walk in the damp and cold, I wimped out at going back out on my own again.   Instead I went up into the attic and used the Airwalker for 45 mins.   Hopefully Sue will join me tomorrow for either an industrial estate/harbour circuit or hill training circuit as she can't run Thursday due to work commitments.  So far this month I have had a painful ankle/heel, painful right knee, sore calf muscles, tight right quad and stiff hips - nothing that hurts when I'm running or walking, just when I'm sitting down!

So a rather wimpy day :

7k dog walk in 1 hour 45 mins
Airwalker 45 mins

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  1. Looks like you've done loads of exercise today! Sounds like you need a long soak in a warm bath and maybe a glass of wine to ease those aches and pains! :)