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Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas & My First Ever Boxing Day Run

It's Boxing Day night - can't believe how much food and drink I've consumed since lunchtime Christmas Eve.   Good job I managed a 5k run this morning.  

We'd travelled up to East Grinstead to spend Christmas Day with Shaun's family and then stayed overnight with my parents in Horley.   I woke at about 8am and had a cup of tea with Mum, Shaun and Dani and then got changed into my running kit.  I don't normally run without food but I think I'd eaten enough the day before!  Plus there was the promise of a bacon sarnie when I got back - how could I refuse.   So I set off not really knowing how far I was going or which way to head.   I lived in Horley for the first 22 years of my life so went for a running jaunt down memory lane - the town centre, my first home, comprehensive school, various pubs etc.   My perception of time and distance is rubbish - I didn't look at my Garmin til I got back when I found out I'd done 5k - I was surprised as I thought it was further than that.   I wasn't very quick either, although I thought I was going faster than normal, and the two hills in town which I've always thought were horrid I managed to get up quite easily - must be the hilly runs I've been doing at home  I think if I'd chosen my route more carefully I'm sure I could've gone further but never mind - must have been the thought of a bacon sarnie and a cup of tea!   If someone had said even 2 years ago I'd be going for a run on Boxing Day I probably would have laughed hysterically - think I've been bitten by the bug.

So that's Christmas 2011 done with - lots of lovely presents (including the obligatory running socks, etc) and time spent with my lovely family. "The cold" is still lurking somewhere and I'm hoping it doesn't kick in as Janathon starts.  We've got a couple of days before Shaun goes back to work so I'm hoping to get into town to get some new running shoes and also get out for some runs and dog walks.

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