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Monday, 23 January 2012

23rd Janathon - Monday, Monday (thanks Mamas & Papas)

It's Monday, again, the fourth one of Janathon, and another musical title for my post!  A lot of stuff sorted out at work today connected with my future at the firm so pretty pleased with getting that out of the way! 

Shaun was on a rest day today so we went for a walk with the dog together - 7.2km down to the beach with a bit of excitement as we spotted a helicopter landed in a field (not something we see everyday).   Once  we got close we could see a very flash Aston Martin parked up with an aviation firm's truck and fuel tanker.  The helicopter had a huge camera attached to it and 5 minutes later the rotor blades started up and off it went into the sky.   No idea what was going on but it was buzzing backwards and forwards the whole time we were on the beach.

The tide was out when we got to the beach so we decided to walk along the sand for a change.  

As soon as we got back from the dog walk I got changed into my running stuff, just a quick jog to the marina and back to take advantage of loosened off muscles from the dog walk.   Not bad considering I haven't actually managed to run on a Monday during Janathon because my lower half has just been so uncomfortable on a Monday, together with family stuff that goes on on a Monday.   The only problem was that I arrived back at home at the same time as the Asda shopping delivery and I forgot to turn my Garmin off.   I felt like I was running quite fast so I'm hoping I was quicker than the last time I did this route!

Janathon 23rd stats

Dog walk : 7.2km in 2 hours
Recovery run : 3.4k in 30 mins (including walking round the house sorting out the shopping!)


  1. How cute is your dog? Will be singing monday, monday for the rest of the evening!

  2. New Bond movie being filmed?