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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

10th Day of Janathon - Boring!

Pretty uneventful day today apart from being told that I couldn't have a biscuit with my 11 o'clock cup of ginger  & lemon tea because I was on a diet and fitness regime - think my work colleagues are now taking this nonsense to the extreme!  

I took Archie out for his afternoon walk and ball games.  We have a new one today, kick the tennis ball as hard as I can and then run after dog & ball!  This was alternated with throwing and running - a great all over workout.  My throwing is coming along nicely and the ball now rarely lands in the middle of a tangle of brambles - my kicking skills are less impressive.  Unfortunately I didn't take my Garmin so I have no idea how far we went, but on past logging I think it was about 4k in 1hr 30 mins.

We got back from our walk and I quickly changed into my running kit as Sue was calling for me at 4.30 for our run.   I was determined we were going to do a fairly long run - it was an evil thing to do as Sue had been away for a week with work stuff, but she had been going to the gym so she should have been ok.   We did the long drag hill out of Newhaven to Peacehaven and then ran along for a bit.  At 20 minutes we picked a street to do our double back on and then headed home.  Coming back is always a joy as it's a lovely long downhill.  It used to kill my knees coming down but I think my joints are getting used to doing it!  Anyway we did 6k in 45 mins, not brilliantly fast but we did have a lot of gossip to catch up on and there seemed to be quite a lot of cyclists on the path who should have been on the road - oh of course they didn't have any lights!

When we got back Shaun was cooking dinner (along the lines of cottage pie made with Quorn mince and topped with swede & carrot mash)!   So whilst he was doing that I set up the Wii Active and did 30 minutes on hard level, more running, squats, lunges, upper body moves and cardio boxing (I don't know how they can call it that 'cos the only bit that raises my heart rate is the punch bag bit at the end).   The attached link is the TV advert for the game - no it's not me!

All in all a pretty good day exercise wise.

Day 10 totals

Walk  : 4k in 1hr 30 mins
Run : 6k in 45 mins
Wii : 30 mins of cardio & toning
Unlit cyclists avoided : 5


  1. Definitely a good day's exercise! Well done! I hate it when people deny me biscuits and tell me I can't have one because I'm on a diet. That's my decision thanks! I do think I should borrow a dog though. Sounds like a great way to stay active! :)

  2. Well done, you've been busy today!

  3. That was an excellent day of exercise!

  4. Awesome day all round; I might have to look into getting myself one of one wii fit things :)