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Saturday, 21 January 2012

21st day of Janathon - The Bodysnatchers Have Landed!

Shaun started work at 5am this morning (or as we like to call it "stoopidoclock").  This meant double dog walk for me as well as the Sainsbury-Lidl dash for fruit, veg and bread.  Consequently no run for me which is fine because I think I should save myself for a long run tomorrow.   I'm now beginning to feel like a bodysnatchers victim - my lower half does not belong to me it must belong to some 90 year old who forgot to take their cod liver oil!

So lovely 10k walk in 2 hours over the Downs this morning - windy and cloudy, a few spots of rain and a little bit of sunshine.  We did a bit of the path we haven't done since the summer because it's a 2 hour walk which means either doing it in the morning or going out soon after lunch to complete before it gets dark.

A quick dash to the supermarkets for fruit, veg and bread and back for lunch.   The afternoon walk was a more sedate affair - a quick 3.7k in an hour along the riverbank to the boating/fishing lake which is our regular quick walk.

Hopefully my body parts will be returned to me by tomorrow morning as Sue and I are going for our long run.

Janathon day 21 totals

2 x dog walks 13.7 km in 3 hours


  1. Keep the bodysnatchers away for 10 more days!

  2. I’m leaving my legs to medical science, if they don’t leave me first! Looked a nice day with you from your photos. Good luck on the run tomorrow.

    1. thanks Miles - yeah it wasn't a bad day did spit with rain and it was jolly windy & very cold (a multi tissue day)!