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Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year & Welcome to 2017

Happy New Year one and all - let's hope 2017 brings some health and happiness.

Nothing eventful in the Boniface household over the last few days.  

I weighed in with Slimming World on Thursday - back up 1lb to 70kg, bit frustrating but with all the amazing food and wine we've had over Christmas that's not too bad, presumably it could get worse.   I've tried to get back to logging and eating "on plan" but it hasn't been easy with a cheese and pate mountain to get through,  I'm leaving most of it to Shaun (shush don't tell him).

There was a bike ride on the 30th - it was cold and foggy, pleasant enough.  I had intended to ride the last day of the year but following the previous days bike ride and a tough spin class on Thursday the legs weren't happy so I gave it a miss.

Today, we didn't get up very early and it was raining so we walked Archie to the park where he promptly turned round and headed home with Shaun in tow.  I stayed on the Park to check for firework debris - not as bad as I had envisaged but enough to warrant picking it up before it got spread through the undergrowth.

When I got back I spent half an hour reading - I've started another reading challenge this year and the first thing is to finish the one I've started - the Time Traveller's Wife - before I start on something fresh.  After the book reading session I completed day one of the #yogarevolution with Adrienne

I've dabbled with a bit of "home yoga" and I've watched Adrienne's videos before but this is the first time I've actually done one.   I quite enjoyed it, although I did have rather a lot of interruptions from Mr B asking questions about unrelated stuff and the dog who can't let me lay on the floor without it being a game with him.    Looking forward to day 2.

I've also done 10 press ups - one was an iffy one on my toes - I'm determined to get off my knees, a second walk with the dog via Halfords to pick up a turbo trainer computer.   35 minutes on the turbo whilst Shaun was cooking some dinner, think I'm done for the day. 

I wasn't sure if Janathon was happening this year - but it looks like it is so here's day 1.   As in previous years I'm not going to blog every day from now on, just a weekly update on how it's going, plus a micro blog on the Facebook page.

Today's totals :

1 yoga session
2 dog walks
35 mins on the turbo - about 13kms according to my new computer
9000 steps
10 press ups (including one on my toes)

All the best for 2017 folks - see you at the end of the week for a Janathon update :) 

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