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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Janathon Day 15 - How Cold?

I'd arranged with Sue to run at 10am today, so up at 8.30 for some porridge and then got ready to go.  Whilst waiting I decided to hang some washing on the line - blimey how cold was that?  When I got back inside I looked at the weather station we have indoors, 5C!   So, out came the gloves, scarf and headband to protect the ears!  I prefer the headband to a beanie - the head doesn't get so hot!

Sue couldn't stop laughing at me when she called for me - she was running in 3/4 length capris (nutter)!

Not a brilliant run, we decided to do the route with the long slow hill out of town to the next and run as far as we could.   The hill was pretty hard going and we did have to slow to a walk, mainly because the cold was getting to my lungs and my legs were a bit sore.   We got to the top of the hill and it's a gentle downhill into the next town.  We had to walk some of it because it was quite windy too.   All in all not too bad but we could have done better - 8k in 1 hour 4 minutes.  My fastest for 8k is well below this so it must be down to the walking & talking - must do better.   Variety of people met on our run, including a woman who obviously wasn't wearing a sports bra, a couple who look like professional athletes, a man who'd only just taken up running who applauded us coming back down the hill and two cyclists who were on the path - luckily it was daylight!

We've decided to enter the 10k in Seaford in August - hopefully there will be other races before this.  I've decided not to do the Tempest 10 miles this year as I really don't think I'll be ready so a few 10 and 5ks during this year and then up the mileage for next year.   That's the plan!

Lovely dog walk to the beach and back, lots of families out walking and cycling, lots of dog walkers. 

Day 15 Totals : Run - 8k 1 hr 4 mins
Dog walk - 6.4 k 1 hr 43 mins

Time for some ironing! zzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. Nice run, if the cold doesn’t get you, the naughty cyclists on pavements will! I like the cut of Sue’s jib… I was out in a vest today whilst everyone else was covered up. Oh, by the way, your pictures aren’t straight! (see your self portrait) lol, I’m sure they are X

  2. Oh no, not the dreaded ironing, lol Another great run and love the headband :) hats are too warm x