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Monday, 9 January 2012

I Don't Like Mondays

Unless Monday is a Bank Holiday, Monday is rubbish.   It's the one day when organisation goes completely out the window.  Get up late, leave the house late, get to work later than I'd like to, hubby working til late, Danni going to Guides = 3 different dinners!  The Asda shopping is due for delivery between 5 and 7 so any hope of getting out for a run tonight was practically non existent.

The only constant and organised thing was taking little Archie for a lovely long walk.   We did one of our favourite walks today - down to the beach via Tidemills again.

A total of 7k in just under 2 hours.  It would have been quicker had it not been for bumping into two friends (separately).

Waiting for the shopping delivery allowed me to sit and partially write my blog and log, and as soon as Danni  left the house & the shopping arrived I set up the Wii Active and did 30 minutes cross training.   I did a higher level tonight and wow was I puffing and blowing by the end!  Lots of squats and lunges, and running on the spot as well as some upper body moves!

So Day 9 done - tomorrow I have a run planned with my run buddy who was away on a conference last week.  I've quite enjoyed my solo running but it will be good to get out with someone.


  1. I have never ran with anyone, also been a solo runner, thinking about giving it a go when I can finally get back out there. Excellent effort today :)

  2. Well done for squeezing in the exercise. Not easy with all that going on. Thursday is our three different dinners night! I don't like it at all. I've not come across Wii Active (I've used Wii Fit Plus). I'll have to check it out. Hope you enjoy your run tomorrow. :)

  3. I hate Mondays too :-) Good Janathoning today, enjoy your run tomorrow.