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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Janathon Day 3 (or the day the Brighton Wheel disappeared !)

What a lovely day after Day 2 - not!   I didn't really know what to title today's blog with as there are so many I could've chosen. 

The bus journey in was one of the worst I've experienced in 10 years of working in Brighton and how I didn't have to make use of the carrier bag I had with me was anybody's guess - hats off to the bus driver for keeping the vehicle on the road!  Walking from the bus stop to the office was interesting as I had that wobbly leg feeling you get when you come off a ride at a theme park!

At 12.30 I looked out my office window and the Wheel was gone!  In it's place was dense cloud which bought with it torrential rain & very strong gusts of wind.   I wish I'd had my camera on me!  I wasn't really looking forward to the return journey in half an hour!

The journey home was ok in the end and by the time I got off the bus it was sunny and bright blue skies - brilliant!  Time to take the dog out - because of all the rain I decided on a quick trip down to the beach as it's mostly pathways and not much mud.  Only got caught in one shower on the way back.  Walk total today 6.5 km 1 hr 30 mins.

As I had to get changed I decided that I would go straight out for a run.  I only managed 4km in 30 minutes but I actually hadn't banked on getting out today so run today was a bonus.

Got to sort out tomorrow now - no dog walk as I have to escort daughter to her first College interview at 4.30 - hopefully get back and go for a run afterwards - weather permitting.  

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  1. I went out to lunch at 12.00, got soaked, then at 1.30 the sun was shining !! Good luck for your daughters' college interview :)