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Friday, 6 January 2012

Day 6 - No Cake, No Wind & No Costa

Before the Christmas break Fridays have regularly been Costa Friday - my treat for getting through the week (although some weeks I'd had Costa every day).   As part of my new regime for January I am resisting the urge to visit my local branch - which will probably shock a few people!

This first week back at work has been a nightmare with all the ridiculous behaviour from my colleagues.  Today has been no different but for a different reason.  None of my colleagues take an active part in sport or exercise, other than avidly spectate football, and yet they all have an opinion on my training.   Today I am a little stiff which is not unusual and not  as spritely as I normally am so I have had continual remarks about overdoing it.  I have tried to explain what I'm doing but they just think I'm a nutter who's lost the plot.  Apart from the sore thigh muscles from yesterday's hill training I actually felt great, but by the time I went home at lunchtime self doubt was beginning to creep in, and a foul mood descended.   

Anyway, enough miserableness - it's the weekend and hubby has Saturday off so lots of dog walking tomorrow if it's not raining.

Today's exercise has been a 6k (1hr 45 min) walk with Archie and 30 minutes on the Wii Active.  I have also done a little dogjog - although Archie was more interested in sniffing today.   Today's ball game was to throw the ball as far as possible and then chase after him and the ball so I have done a little running today.

Can't believe I've nearly completed a whole week.  My bad mood has disappeared thanks to some fresh air and time away from human beings.


  1. A lot of the people at my office think I'm a mental case, but they seem to be a bit more polite about it than your lot! I just scrolled through your earlier posts and saw your mug which is AWESOME :)

  2. Ignore the colleagues! I get that all the time as well. Provided all the exercise you do is to walk to and from the pub and lift a pint, then that appears to make you the expert in everything.