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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Day 22 - New Route - Undulating! Really?

Sunday is long run day!  Sue and I had already decided we needed a new route for our long run.  Since the bad weather has moved the beach onto the footpath it has made the run to Seaford difficult, and the Peacehaven uphill and undulating run is boring, boring, boring.   Hubby came up with a fantastic idea after going for a long dog walk the other day.   Instead of carrying on the cycle path to Seaford why not cross the A259 (busy road!) and head into the picturesque village of Bishopstone and follow the road till you get to the track?  Wow we thought, brilliant idea, so that's what we did when we set off this morning.

The first 4k was OK as usual, a few miserable fellow runners who refused to acknowledge us, a few little kids with parents on bikes, lots of dog walkers and people heading to McDonalds for their brekkie (yuck).   We crossed the road and ran down into the village, chatting about the lovely houses which line the lane - deciding which one we wanted to buy - as you do!   Well we hadn't even done half a kilometre when we were presented with the first incline - Sue powered away as she always does going uphill (but then she's not doing Janathon) and I coaxed my tight lower limbs and huffed and puffed up to meet her at the top! It's ok I said it can't get any worse than that, and least it'll be a nice one to run back down!  So we carried on further into the village, another uphill.  Off we go again, except this time I couldn't run up it, it was way too steep and not enough recovery time from the last one!  Ok, so we're not quite at 5k at this point.   Sue kept encouraging me to carry on, there couldn't possibly be another one, could there?   Hahaha - one more, 5k was about halfway up.  Sue decided we should aim to get to the top of this "incline" and then head back.  On the way back down we were both cursing Shaun and his brilliant ideas, think he got called every name under the sun!  

It's a lovely route - rolling hills all around, the odd pretty cottage, people filing out of the village church - lovely.   We are going to do it again (mugs) but only because we want to conquer the hills inclines.  It will be good to be able to get up them without having to resort to walking.

So today's stats :

10.44k in 1hr 20 mins

Not by any means fast, but there was some rulking up them hills and afterwards the hips were done in.  Feel really good that we've found somewhere new to run, and we've got a challenge on our hands to do it again next Sunday - will be good to end Janathon with me saying I've run up all of them - hahahaha.

No dog walks today - Shaun stole the dog this morning to take advantage of the goodish weather and go for a long walk, the only thing I have left to do is cook the dinner and plough through another 2 hours of ironing.


  1. Sounds like a great run and it's always exciting to have a new challenge! :)

  2. Well done, sounds like a good run. I love having time for long runs at the weekend. It's a great way of clearing out the week's cobwebs ;-)

  3. Excellent running, what is it with other runners being moody though. It doesn't take much just to nod or raise your hand to say "Hi" I'm feeling your pain as well!