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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Day 5 - Knackered & Verbal Abuse for refusing Cake Day 3

What a night last night - didn't get much sleep because I kept wondering if the bedroom window was going to blow out!   I will be so glad when these high winds do one!

Everything, but especially my hips are killing me this morning, and walking like spotty dog from the Wooden Tops is not a good look!   

I guess running into the wind was a foolish thing to do last night but it cheered me up no end, don't think I've laughed at myself so much when out running

Oh Joy - third day back at work and yet another round of birthday cakes.   The abuse I have received today for declining apple turnover with cream, cream slice and cream filled choux bun has been unbelievable - bugger off and leave me alone!  This situation is making me very grumpy :-(

My main Janathon exercise today has been a 7k walk with Shaun & Archie down to the beach and back which took 2 hours due to copious amounts of ball throwing and chasing.   

The walk through the wooded area was a bit scary as lots of trees have fallen down and some were looking a little precarious.   

In other Janathon news I have also sprinted uphill to catch the bus!  A very special effort in heels & long winter coat with a walloping great bag filled with the usual tat!   

At my brother's suggestion instead of running distance tonight I have done some hill work.   I live on a hill and I have done 3 laps of the roads where I live - a total of 1.5k in 12 mins.  It was very windy & the letchy bloke at the top of the road was having his teatime ciggie on his doorstep - otherwise I probably would have gone round again.   I think he was extending his fag break so he could say something letchy witty as I went past him.   

Because of my pathetic running tonight I also tried  out my new Wii Active game for 15 minutes.  I have done boxing, tennis, baseball, cardio dance (which wasn't), numerous squats, lunges, shoulder press and upright row.  It was supposed to be a 30 minute workout but Shaun had cooked a rather nice seafood paella for dinner.   Apart from the patronising Personal Trainer I think it's quite good.

Roll on day 6 - pray to god there's no more cake because my willpower and ability to bite my tongue is being seriously tested, and also that the wind has finished winding so that I can go out for a decent run.

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  1. Well done on resisting the cake. Why is it that some people like to force feed others?
    And up hill agaisnt the wind is not pathetic but double effort (like a treadmill)!