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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Janathon the 19th - Some Improvement & Race Booking

So day 19 - the local football team, the Seagulls, played against some unknown Welsh team last night!  I don't mind people talking about their hobbies etc but my god - my colleagues gave up work this morning  and spent it doing a match analysis.  So I sat and started to write my blog in readiness for adding my Janathon efforts.  Luckily the main culprit moved to the basement just after 9.30 so that helped a little!

I had a lovely walk with Archie today - we went down on to the riverbank which is a regular dog walk and means that he gets a good off lead walk for an hour or so.  He wasn't really interested in ball games today so we just walked and he sniffed and got left behind lots.  The river walk is also a busy thoroughfare for people living in the lovely village of Piddinghoe where some friends live.   Today was no exception and we met up with them.   Unfortunately this then meant not much walking as the afternoon descended into girly catch up chatter.   It was good to have a laugh with them as we haven't seen each other since the New Year.   It gets quite muddy and Shaun and I haven't bothered going that way.    All in all a nice 4.2k walk which took us 1 hr 30 mins (don't think it normally takes that long!)  I was going to put some photos of the river and boating/fishing lake but I'm doing this bit on my daughters notebook - therefore no photos!

My run tonight was a repeat of Tuesday (17th) up through the industrial estate and then down on to the river wall and back home, except that Sue came with me tonight.   She did make the comment that she thought I was speedy so I think Janathon is making my running better after all.   I even managed to get up the hill that I never do when we run together - another achievement !   A nice run (with not much talking but lots of puffing) 5.6k in 41 minutes.

We're going out again on Sunday and are going to try a new route so that will be interesting, we have no idea what the distance will be but I think we'll just keep going until we get to the end of the lane - update to come!

In other news, we have entered the South Coast Run 10k in August, which is on the same weekend as the South Coast Triathlon.   It'll be Sue's first event - only my third 10k event.   It was way to easy to sign up, didn't even have to get my credit card out of my purse - you've got to love PayPal!

Janathon 19th details

Walk & girly chatter 4.2k  1hr 30mins
Run & puff   5.6k  41 mins
Dog mess run through : none (yippee)


  1. Nice one! Those races, they just tempt you in don't they :)

  2. Sounds like you've had a great day! Still going strong. :)

  3. Sounds like a lovely walk and run! :-)