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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Day 25 - Wednesday Week

Thank you Elvis Costello & The Attractions 

- this time next week Janathon will be finished and another goal will need to be set - although the running will be more structured (or not as the case may be).   I will continue running as I have one 10k event booked and another couple in the pipeline.   Plus I still need to lose some weight before the summer!

I also have a holiday booked in July when teenage daughter has finished her GCSEs and caused havoc at a local hotel enjoyed her prom.   It will be great to spend some family time in the sun and warmth - hubby doesn't know yet but I'm planning on taking some running kit so I can do some running while we're in Tenerife!  I just hope that they get in the suitcase and not like last summer's trip to France when I had to sit in the car for 700 miles with my running shoes on my lap! 

Yesterday I was a bit negative as I'd wimped out on going for a run.   Thank you to everyone who gave me support and made me feel much better.  Still quite cross with myself that I didn't go.  This has happened twice during the month.   Day 24 had been a weird one - didn't seem to have any energy for much apart from consuming food.   

Today hasn't been much better and having got back from the dog walk I was soaked through to the skin and cold - which made me feel more like sitting down with a nice cup of tea.  I was trying so hard to push myself to get changed into running gear - instead I wimped out once again and did half an hour on the Wii Active doing jogging on the spot, tennis, lunges, squats and an upper body workout.   Sue blew me out again, but not until I was 15 minutes into my workout!   

The rest of the week is going to be a challenge running wise - Shaun is on late shift!  I am determined that I am going to get back and do at least one run before Sunday's next long run with Sue. 

Today's Janathon efforts include

30 minutes cross training on Wii Active
7 minutes (800m) of run art
6.2 k, 1hr 37 mins of dog walk in the pissing rain 
Hubby took this video of the dog playing on the beach the other day!  Have absolutely no idea what he is trying to achieve - but it is very amusing!

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