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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Day 29 - Sunday Girl - the Green Eyed Monster & Weekend Run Fail

No run today - Dani urgently needed a new pair of school shoes so after the morning dog walk it was a dash to Brighton with my flexible friend and Dani.  First port of call at 11.30 was M&S for her to get some breakfast.   Our second port of call was New Look who had exactly what she/we were looking for so to celebrate I treated her to a Costa Hot Chocolate and Chocolate Brownie (any excuse to get myself a Medium Skinny Latte to go).

I was hoping to get out for a run when I got back from the afternoon dog walk, but Shaun had cooked a Roast Chicken (bought as part of our Dine in extravaganza yesterday) - he's working again tonight.  How could I say "right I'm off out again"?   As my lunch had consisted of a bite of Dani's M&S tuna roll, one MSL and a miniscule piece of Costa Chocolate Brownie which Dani reluctantly broke off, I was pretty hungry so a run would have been unfuelled.

To be honest this weekend has been very disappointing on the run/exercise front - I am so fed up at not having time to get out.   All I seem to have done is walk the dog, rushing to shops and doing washing.   During the bus ride to and from Brighton I was watching all the runners out on their runs - can't believe how jealous I was of them!   What is happening to me?   Not sure whether I'll be able to get out for a run Monday - Shaun's on his last late shift but a run is pencilled in with Sue for Tuesday so perhaps I can add a few more miles to my total on the last day.

Today's total Janathon effort were :

2 dog walks total 10k (ish) over 2.5 hours
1 pair of school shoes
1 visit to costa
2 bus rides


  1. Deborah Harry! I had this album as a cassette tape when I was in high school & wore it out :-)

    I know what you mean about busy-busy... I have been meaning for weeks to say thanks for your constant attention & support of my tweets, blogposts, etc. You're so sweet. I read you all the time, but don't often take the time to comment, as I always feel pressed to get my runs it, post to log & blog, read others, etc. Not to mention the stuff you just mentioned: cooking, laundry, my work, keeping up with family issues & real-time friends! I don't know how people with kids do all this & tend children too! Miraculous.

  2. P.S. I am at my inlaws today & will be cooking later... it's 2:30pm, I'd better a route from here now & get out by 3pm, so I can be back to start dinner, as afterward I will have a 2 hour drive home after dark. Sigh. See? You are in good company having trouble juggling runs in on top of trying to keep other balls in the air! Have a peaceful heart until the next day, when we all get to try again :-)

  3. Aah, sounds frustrating but at least you still got out to walk your dog and very well done on the walking front - for walking the most miles and I now notice you've also passed the 100 mile mark, well done - v impressive! :-)