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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Day 28 When Saturday Comes

Another revisit to my teenage years!

So Saturday comes around again - with hubby being on lates and not finishing til 1.30 this morning it was only fair to let him sleep in and me take the dog for his walk.   Also a perfect opportunity to get the run art out of the way before footballers appear at the pitch and spoil my fun plan.   So off we trotted down to the pitch - it was easier to do it with the dog on his lead otherwise it would have been a very wiggly T as he likes to play ball on the pitch.  

Runart T for Janathon

A nice 6k walk in 1.5 hrs - a little soggy under foot meant a bath for the dog!

Usually on Saturday I have to do the Sainsbury-Lidl dash, however Shaun had already done the Lidl bit during the week so instead we decided to go to Marks & Sparks to buy a Dine in for £10.  As we can never decide what to have we always buy two lots - oh woops that means two bottles of wine!  As he's working we decided on 1 bottle of wine to be consumed at a later date, and two brandy chocolate drinks (which he can neck drink when he gets back in the early hours).   That just left Sainsbury for bread, then home and lunch.

This afternoon's dog walk was a new route for me - from home along the cliff top to Peacehaven and then down on to the beach/undercliff walk.   It was very nice apart from the stairs you have to descend to get down to the beach.  Problem is you have to come back the same way!

A very nice 6k walk in 1hr 11mins - all helped by the fact that I forgot to switch the Garmin off when we boarded the bus - Shaun was running out of time to get to work!  No time therefore for a run or cross training today - I'm knackered and think the steps up and down should count for Janathon, oh and jumping of course - on and off the bus!

Day 28 totals

Run Art x 1 - 0.13km in 1min 10
Dog walks x 2 12k in 2 and a half hours
Steps - loads but forgot to count
Jumping - one on and one off the bus
Shop dash - 1


  1. We always go to Sainsburys for bread. I love their poppy seed loaf. I think I'll be having some for a little saturday evening supper!

    I've taken a snapshot of the T and will make the collage as soon as I have the rest of the letters!


  2. Great 'T'! And those steps definitely count! :)

  3. Photos look great, not sure I could manage steps at the moment. I keep getting text messages about the M&S Dine In deal, any good?