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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Day 7 - Walking, Shopping, Dog Jogging & 1 Dead Garmin

Not really sure what to write today.  I've decided not to run again for 3 reasons:- 

My hips are still a bit stiff and I want to do a proper run tomorrow morning
It's Shaun day off today (back to work Sunday lunchtime!)
and lack of time  

I have managed to raise my heart rate a little - while Shaun was out with the dog this morning I did the Sainsbury-Pet Shop-Lidl Dash.  This mainly involved walking very fast/jogging  to and from the car 3 times, walking very fast round the shop and then unpacking what I'd bought quickly!   I only buy bread & veg at the weekends as my main shop is done online so it only took me about an hour to do the lot.

After lunch we took Archie for a lovely long walk out over the hills towards Brighton, I turned my Garmin on so that I could download our route & distance only to find out that it was out of charge - disaster.   I also forgot to pick up the camera so no photos! We met  a few walkers, horsey peeps, pheasants and sheep and in the end walked a very pleasant 8km over 2 hours.   I also did a little bit of dog jogging with Archie.   Because it got dark and the only way home was via a busy road so we caught the bus which Archie loved.   Shaun managed use MapMyWalk to work out our distance!

As a Janathon first, for me anyway, Shaun and I walked to the pub for some dinner.  It's a first because we don't normally get to go to the pub in the evening and we certainly wouldn't walk!

All in all a good week, I certainly know I've done more exercise than usual, and thank you to everyone who's given comments this week on Facebook, Twitter and on my blog.

It's weigh in day tomorrow - let's hope the scales have moved and in the right direction.


  1. That's a lot of walking! Well done! You definitely deserved the meal at the pub. :)

  2. Well done and keep up the good work, sounds like you are upping the energy levels in everything you do.

  3. Keep going-impressed with 6km doggie walk-hope he appreciated it!