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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The 31st last day of Janathon - January Girl

I grew up listening to this crap stuff thanks to my parents.  It was the only January reference that I could remember! Sorry no video link as I can't find one!  Probably for the best!
So it's Tuesday 31st of January - the last day of my very first Janathon!   It's been very cold today and there was even talk of snow - luckily not in Newhaven just sky that looked like it could have at any minute.  Tonight was supposed to be a run with Sue, unfortunately she cancelled when I got back from walking the dog.  Luckily I'd already put my running kit on under my other clothes. 

Today's efforts are :

Dogwalk 6.2k in 1 hr 27 mins (lots of runners, dog walkers & cyclists - Archie told     everyone that it was his last walk of Janathon including the lorry drivers in the big lorry!)
Run  5.7k in 43 mins (didn't see any other runners out)
What have I learnt during this challenge?   

  • That I can actually rise to a challenge and meet it, most of the time.   
  • That it doesn't matter if certain parts of my body hurt a little, it won't kill me to go out and run.   
  • I do need to be a bit better organised.
  • That it doesn't kill me to go out in the rain and wind and impending snow.
  • That I can go out for a run even if it's only a couple of miles.
This time last year I think I'd probably done one 5k run/walk - but more likely none.  I think I've run more in January than I did the first 3 months of 2011!  I'd never run in the dark, always dodged running in the rain and certainly never written a blog!  

I have thoroughly enjoyed Janathon, the support of fellow participants has been awesome and I will be eternally grateful for all the kind comments left on my blog & Facebook, and support provided by my new Twitfam.   It has also made the long winter evenings enjoyable reading everyone's efforts.

Hubby has been brilliant although there were times when I think he would have rather not had me dashing out the door or up into the attic to complete my exercise.   My daughter says I take running far too seriously - maybe I do but I always hate myself if I don't give it 100%.  Even on the Race for Life & Santa Fun Run last year I wore my Garmin!  

I've always been envious of my brother's running ability and he was my true inspiration, without him I would probably wouldn't have started on my running journey!  Whenever I'm sitting in the car or on a bus and I see a runner I'm always jealous that they're out running and I'm not - how weird is that?  

My last thank you goes to Archie, my faithful furry companion who not only has accompanied me on 49 hours and 114 miles of walks, has had to put up with me making up ball games for him to join in and a little dogjog training.  

Going forward I already have a 10k event booked for August.   I will probably do a Race for Life 5k (which probably won't be 5k because they're not measured properly and are supposed to be for fun), the RISE Undercliff 8k in the autumn and hopefully repeat the Brooks Brighton 10k.   I'm hoping to get another event in between now and the R4L so the search is on.    I'd also like to take part in a Park Run.  There are two "locally" Hove & Eastbourne.  Neither are particularly local so getting there for a 9am start will be a challenge in itself!

I'd also like to take part in Juneathon - maybe I'll be able to get up earlier and do my run before work - that'd be a first.

Totals :

Walk distance & time - 114 miles, 49 hours
Run distance & time - 62 miles, 13 hours
Cross training time - 6 hours
Total distance - 176 miles 67 hours

Who on earth would have thought I'd acheive so much in 31 days - certainly not me!


  1. Well done - and an ace blog. I know I should do some proper runs too, so maybe see you out there, as I'm in Sussex too. Juneathon is another 'runner' too! Your dog'll be well fit!!!

  2. Fantatsic Janathon mileage, well done! Great blog too, really enjoyed reading it. Hopefully see you again in June! :-)

  3. that was a fantastic final post and well done on all the miles you've done this month, it's just awe inspiring :) I will be following you in your continued tweeting and supporting you in all those new challenges you've set yourself x

  4. Well done and thank you for sharing your experiences here! You've been an inspiration and an encouragement. Good luck with all your challenges. I'm sure you'll rise to the occasions! Keep in touch! :)

  5. Well done on a fantastic Janathon - just realised how far you walked as well as running!
    Keep it up, stay in touch on twitter and see you in June!