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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Janathon Day 18 - The Rebel Yelled - You Can't Touch This

Not really sure what to write today apart from the weather being rubbish.  Didn't see the sun today as it was just foggy, foggy, foggy.   I have decided that I prefer it clear, cold and icy (but that's only in January & February!)   I wasn't really sure if I was going to be able to do anything but walk the dog today and maybe use the Airwalker.   Shaun came in at 5 and asked what my plans were.  As soon as I uttered the words "well I ought to go for a run" he was handing me my running kit.   I'd planned at some point to repeat the hilly circuit I did the other week in the rain and wind.   Not a particularly awe inspiring route but not many roads to cross - and this time no letchy men smoking on their doorstep!  So off I went, someone had tweeted me earlier in the day saying "slow & steady" so that was my mantra, unfortunately my Ipod had other ideas.  A replay of Rebel Yell followed by MC Hammers You Can't Touch this - one way of powering yourself up a hill!

Last time I'd only managed to run up the hill 1.5 times (mainly because of letchy smoking man) - today I really pushed myself and managed to do a second bottom to top without stopping.   The only problem with running these roads is the amount of dog poo one has to avoid - which I didn't manage!   Not a great distance covered but I was chuffed to get up the hills easier.

18th day of Janathon totals

5.66 k walk in 1 hour 34 minutes
2.08 k hilly run in 16 minutes
Dog poo avoided - lost count
Dog poo run through - at least 1 pile
Pairs of shoes washed & disinfected - 1

Carrying on from yesterday's favourite photo theme, whilst out with the dog this afternoon I spotted the Cormorants sitting on the Cormorant Statue in the middle of the river.   I took this photo in 2010 during the snow.   They're great little birds to watch as they dive in and out of the water looking for food.  


  1. I'm finding the writing of blogs harder than the running!!!!

  2. I really hate dog poo on pavements! Grrr ... And I know what you mean about the weather. I've decided I'd rather have cold and bright than damp and grey. It's just so uninspiring! :)

  3. There was me thinking random "friendly dog" attacks were an irritation - they're preferable to dodging their latest bowel movements! Loved the old Egypt photos - I went there in May and enjoyed it as much as you did. Keep up the excellent exercising and blogging! :)

  4. Hill are so misunderstood! After most of my routes being blocked by a flooded river I’ve found one that starts with a very steep hill! I’ve read about hill sprints, but I’m not sprinting anything during Janathon! Are you finding all this running is improving your stamina / speed? I’ve not encountered anyone letching over my body, unfortunately! (I couldn’t find the first reference to your smoking nemesis, so apologies if he’s been making you feel uncomfortable). Keep up the good work :)

  5. I think bloggers block is being felt by everyone. Keep avoiding (or not) those poo's!