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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Janathon Day 14 - A Cunning Plan

Ok it was bloody cold out there this morning and I decided that due to asthma I wouldn't run today and save myself for a long run with Sue tomorrow.   

Shaun took Archie for his morning walk mainly to get out of the way of the 3 teenage girls who were ensconced in the lounge and taking it in turns to use the bathroom (nightmare).  Consequently I didn't get to walk this morning because I was 5th in line for the bathroom and needed to do the Sainsbury-Lidl dash for fruit, veg, bread & milk. 

I was trying to work out how I was going to get some exercise - a few days ago Shaun reminded me about the kit in the attic. Our attic was converted before we moved in 25 years ago and up until about 4 years ago had been used to store the camping gear, summer clothes, suitcases & general unwanted tat that we can't bear to throw away!   Shaun then converted it into a mini gym with a bench and weights and also a fabulous piece of kit called an airwalker.        Gazelle Airwalker   

I was keeping this back for emergencies and today was an emergency.   So 30 minutes on this little baby and I would be soaked and puffing like I'd run a 5k.  

First of all Shaun wanted to take me and Archie on a local forest walk.  It's a lovely area and in the winter not very busy.   In the summer it's teaming with tourists trying to get the famous Seven Sisters shot.  This particular photo was taken by Shaun yesterday when he did his mammoth Eastbourne to Newhaven walk, and it was a much clearer day.

So back to the Forest.   After lunch we took the bus to the top of the Forest area and walked back through.  Archie had a wonderful time chasing squirrels, luckily not catching one.   It was a lovely walk, so peaceful.   However, I think these 200 steps should be a Janathon event of their own - absolute killer!  It was either these or walk on the road!

And who would want to walk on the road when you get this view as a reward for a couple of minutes hard work?  Not to mention the pub which is at the top right of the top photo!

And should these really be flowering in January?   I think not!

And this was my reward for walking 6k and up 200 steps!  Yum!

So back home I fired up the Airwalker.   With 30 minutes on the Airwalker and a 6k in 1hr 40 minutes afternoon dog walk Janathon Day 14 is done.   


  1. Sounds like you've had a fabulous day, and what a glorious place to walk! And then you did the airwalker! That's dedication. Well done! :)

  2. A great day to be outside, what a lovely walk!

    That airwalker looks like a fine way to do yourself a mischief... terrifying...

  3. What a gorgeous location, nice pics for the blog too x