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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Thursday 26th January - (Under my) Umbrella

No, not Rihanna - McFly (my daughter's favourite band- and one that I have seen live on many occasions) this popped up on my Ipod tonight - great mid-run track to lengthen the stride

Not a great start to the day - got to work to find that I couldn't get in as the two early key holders were both off today - great planning.   The only thing was to visit my local coffee bar for a small skinny latte to replace the usual vending machine liquid that calls itself coffee!

Today is the first of hubby's late shift stint - my biggest challenge will be getting to bed before he cames home at 1am and not eating everything in sight because I'm bored!   He took the dog for his afternoon walk so getting out for a run was no problem.  

Today's Janathon effort :

solo 5.7km in 43 mins

Pretty pleased with that - not the best because it was rush hour and lots of waiting to cross roads.   It's very true that exercising (especially outside) makes you feel amazing - I am now buzzing, just hope that it helps me to get out again tomorrow!


  1. I like that buzzing feeling. Doesn't happen every run, but it's good when it does!

  2. Me too! Can't beat the buzz after a good run especially in the sunshine!
    Sometimes I like crossing roads and am very happy if I have to wait for the lights to change!

  3. That feeling is pretty amazing; glad you had a great run, and hopefully you got to bed early :) x

  4. What a great feeling, hope you have another good run tomorrow :-)

  5. Well done on still running for Janathon! Great stuff! :)