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Thursday, 12 January 2012

12th of Janathon - Only a Run!

My god does all this exercise help you sleep.  I've got a sunrise alarm where the light comes on gradually and then the alarm goes off 20 minutes later.  The only problem is this morning I fell back to sleep after the alarm went off!  Oops

Glad to report the stiffness in my calves and quads is lessening and amazingly no new blisters since I've been using the new running shoes. 

Hubby was off today so no dog walking for me.   Instead I had arranged to meet Sue at 4pm to go for a run.  We hadn't really planned where we were going but a few weeks ago Sue had mentioned doing a loop round the industrial estate.   So off we went, I'm glad I had my Garmin on because neither of us had any idea how far it was.   After the first loop the Garmin was only reading 2.5k so I suggested doing two loops and then home.   I don't really like doing loops, find them more tedious than out and back!   In the end we completed 5.9 k in 44 mins.  Quite a lot of road crossing and avoiding traffic! 

I also did 30 minutes on my Wii Active when I got back - fully body workout on the highest level, including cardio boxing and running!  This is my avatar doing lunges!

Will have to find something to do tomorrow - Shaun is on another rest day and is planning to take the dog out for a very long walk.   


  1. So right you are about the sleeping. I have been passing out cold several nights now & into the morning, as well... but I think it's as much the late-night blogging & reading as the exercise :-) I'm exhausted! (Good 5.9K you had there too, btw.)

  2. I wish I could sleep like that! janathon seems to be having the reverse effect on me. What trainers did you go for? I think you should enter the wii fit as a seperate janathon contribution!

  3. I agree, I'm sleeping lots better now but can never get up in the morning, lol. Great news on the blisters, I once had one so bad after running on it I ended up at A&e, oops. I'm mega cautious now... Good shoes and decent running oaks and no problems since. I'm so impressed at how much you're doing, I wish I had the energy for a workout after running x