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Monday, 30 January 2012

Day 30 of Janathon Apparently it's Happy Monday - Really?

Hooray Shaun's last late shift, the penultimate day of Janathon and apparently Heart radio station advised me this morning that it was Happy Monday.     This lot look cheery!

According to them we're all happy today because we got paid and it was the weekend when we're most likely to have booked our summer hols.   Ok I can tick those of - I got paid Friday and yes Shaun booked our summer holiday during the week.   Can't say it was the best Monday though - power cuts and a fire in the centre of Brighton have made today very trying, and I haven't been in the best of moods.

As well a 3.5k walk in 1 hour with Archie down to the boating lake and back, I also managed, thanks to Twitfam banter, a 3.4k run in 24 mins.  Pleased with that because I didn't think I was going to get out at all - bonus!  I've impressed myself as a year ago I wouldn't have dreamed of going out.

Tomorrow is the last day of Janathon - and a run is booked.  


  1. My legs were not feeling 'happy' this morning - good luck for tomorrow!

  2. Love the Garfield image/quote - Mondays are not my favourite day by any stretch! Well done on your walk AND your run today, great stuff! Hope you enjoy your run tomorrow :-)

  3. Love Garfield!
    Well done for getting out for a run - fablous power of twitter!

  4. was is Shaun Ryder that booked your holiday? That'd be a happy monday :-) Have a good lucky-last run!