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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Day 8 - Running in Daylight !

I was determined to run this morning, so when I got up and could hardly move I was a little worried.  Once I started moving around though the stiffness started to sort itself out and having eaten some muesli I felt much better.  The Garmin was fully charged and so was my Ipod so off I trotted.  I wasn't sure how far I was going so I aimed to get to 4km and then turnaround if I was feeling uncomfortable.   It took a while for the hips to clunk back into place, but I got to the 4km mark and felt ok so carried on.   I usually run along the beach path when I get to Seaford but the beach seemed to have obliterated the path during the week so I had to change my route which meant running up a nasty hilly bit.  The only advantage to running up a nasty hilly bit is the nice long downhill after!  I managed just over 10k, not very fast but it was more about getting out and doing it! After running in the dark all week it was quite pleasant to meet other runners, dog joggers, dog walkers and cyclists - everybody was very cheerful with lots of "good morning", smiles and nods which is always makes a run more pleasant.

Archie and I have also done a lovely long walk over the hills this afternoon.  Not much ball playing & dog jogging today though because Archie wasn't really up for it - think he's knackered from the last couple of days. He's now curled up on the sofa next to me waiting patiently for dinner!

Day 8 distance : 10.6k plus 7.8k dog walk
Day 8 time : 1 hr 23 mins plus 1hr 54 min dog walk

Weigh in done - yes the scales went in the right direction, not a great loss but it will do for the first week!

I'm now off to tackle that huge pile of ironing that got a mention earlier in the week - wish me luck!


  1. what is it about sundays that makes us want to tackle ironing? Poor pooch, mine are knackered too :)

  2. Stiffness in the old legs is getting me too, but well done for overcoming it. Your beach path route sounds nice, it’ll be waiting for you another day, don’t worry

  3. eww, the dreaded ironing! But what a great day, to run 10k instead of your planned four and then a long walk... I'm impressed and feel lazy in comparison :)

  4. well done on your run - and then a dog walk after !!

  5. Getting out the door is often the hardest part of the run! (or is that just lazy me?). Well done for not letting the soreness get the better of you.