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Monday, 16 January 2012

Janathon Day 16 - Just Another Manic Monday!

So here we go again apparently it's Blue Monday - for all I care it could be Red Monday - get over it, it's just another bloody Monday!  Shaun did tell me some good news - dawn is breaking earlier and today broke before 8am, sunrise was at 4.30pm - yeeha the days are getting longer - summer is on its way!  In the meantime getting up is still a struggle when it's dark and 3 alarms still didn't help the situation - not to mention that some plum had left the bedroom window open all night - brass monkeys was an understatement!

I did manage the "uphill bus dash" again this morning!  I've also walked 5 flights of stairs 3 times today.   I was hoping to get out for a short run but I'd arranged the online shopping delivery for between 4 & 6, so it was a dog walk and Airwalker day.   The dog walk was hard enough and the cold really got down in the lungs, and hubby decided for me that I wasn't running!    I'd forgotten what a great workout the Airwalker is - I found some muscles in my back and shoulders that had been lost!  One really good track I've got on my Ipod is Rock this Party by Bob Sinclair - I stayed on the Airwalker for an extra 3 minutes because it came on!

Hoping to get to a Zumba class soon, Dani wants to go as she's been doing it in PE at school and loves it.   I want to give it a go but don't know if a middle aged, unco-ordinated mother escorting her teenage daughter is quite right.   Apparently I will be standing nowhere near her!  Nice to know she has confidence in my dancing abilities!

So, Day 16 totals :

Dog walk 5.5k in 1hr 30 mins
Airwalker  33 minutes

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