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Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday the 13th of Janathon - It's just a Hobby

I thought I'd share with you a conversation I had with a work colleague yesterday.  It went something like this (and I'm sure many of you will have had something similar!)

Her (on her way to a fag break) : So, how's the running going then?

Me (slightly taken aback at someone being interested) : Yeah great thanks, now I've got my footwear sorted

Her : What' that all about then?

Me : Oh I went to Sweatshop up the road and had my gait checked and then bought a pair of running shoes that sorted it out.

Her : Blimey their trainers are a bit pricey - how much did you spend?

Me : well £90 but they were in the sale, and they fit beautifully and I haven't got any more blisters.

Her : Oh great, but that's a lot of money for a pair of trainers.  Still at least you can just chuck on a pair of Primark trackies & a tshirt!

Me : well I could but by the time I got down the end of the road I'd be ringing wet and cold, I have proper running tights and tops that I buy from Sports Direct.

Her : next you'll be telling me you have special underwear!

Me : of course - but I did got them for Christmas! (now slightly agitated at where the conversation is going)

Her : oh well it's a hobby, hobbies can be expensive (and off she wandered to drag on her fag in the freezing cold)

A hobby? Really?  I know what I'd rather waste my money on!

Anyway back to Janathon - no dog walk today as Shaun is on his long weekend off which means that he goes out at 9am and comes back with the dog at about 4.  The dog at that point was full of beans and still wanted to play ball.  Shaun on the other hand is struggling to get off the sofa!   

So tonight I went for a run on my own and without music (blimey that never happens).   Because of household chores I couldn't get on my Wii Active.   Unfortunately my Garmin had died so it's not a very accurate distance but it was about 4.6k in 34 minutes.   Not very fast but I think that was because I had to keep stopping to cross the road.  I didn't feel like I was running slowly!  It was quite enjoyable not being plugged in - my route took me to the West Beach area of Newhaven through the marina.   It was nice to hear the seagulls crying and the sound of the docks & marina still working for a change.


  1. That is so funny! I guess spending £90 a month on smoking is ok LOL

  2. I'm sure some people don't think before they speak... Bonkers. I've been teased for finally buying and sporting running tights but they make all the difference. I love them and don't care what those naysayers have to say, lol We're getting fit and healthy and that's worth a lot!