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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Janathon day 17 - Rebel Yell in a Town Called (Newhaven) Malice!

This morning Mark suggested we put our favourite photos on our blog so I thought I would share some of my favourites from my holiday to Egypt in 2009 when we had the opportunity to go to Luxor

Me and daughter Danni crossing the concourse to the Temples at Karnak (something very strange happened here - I was blubbing like a whale - some people have told me that I'd found my place!)
Another blubbing moment - hot air balloon across the Valley of the Kings & the Nile Delta - awesome

Red Granite Cleopatra's Needle (a real one). Conspiracy theory that the heiroglyphs were carved by aliens!

This was on the day of my birthday - Shaun had to ride the camel (no lead) all the way along the beach while I rode in style in a clapped out old carriage.   The best bit was riding back to the Hotel beach with him - very romantic!

Danni and I on the banks of the River Nile (yes lots of Madness singing & silly walks that day)
A sunrise over the sea - Shaun has a thing about taking photos of sunrises and sunsets!
The Tomb of Hatchepsut - it was so hot there!
Such a brilliant holiday!

Back to Janathon 2012 and day 17 I was supposed to be going out with Sue this afternoon but she cancelled.  Fortunately I'd already got changed so there was no getting out of going for a run.   I felt quite good when I got out until I got to the level crossing which was down waiting for a train to leave the station.  Train gone, barriers up and I headed off into the industrial estate that we'd done the circuit of the other day.  I was only going to do one circuit of the industrial estate but felt ok so carried on and linked in another short run we regularly do.  All in all I managed just under 6k in 41 minutes which is brilliant considering over the last few weeks running with Sue I've been struggling to run 5k without stopping.  I've come to the conclusion that we talk too much - she always seems to ask a question when we're going uphill!   Sabotage I think!  

Two more great tunes played on my Ipod which always up the stride & speed - Billy Idol's Rebel Yell and the Jam's A Town Called Malice.


  1. Lovely photos,
    Great running - Rebel Yell is one of my favourite run songs!

  2. Super photos! And well done on your run! :)

  3. Oh, I feel like I've been to Egypt now... thanks for that refreshing virtual-vacay!

    I laughed out loud when I read that you run slower w/your friend & you blamed "talking." My friend Jamie & I always complain that we run so slow when we're together, for the same reason! Blab, blab, blab! But isn't it fun to jog with a friend, for motivation & girl-bonding, even if the trade-off is bad race times? Mixes things up a little.