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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Juneathon day 24 and Longest Day Run Pt 2

Today was the second half of Longest Day Run.  There have been some amazing runs done already and no doubt by the end of the day there will be some huge totals.  It has been a great challenge and it has been an honour to take part in the inaugural event, hopefully I will be able to take part next year.   The support and motivation from Twitter followers has been great, and pushed me further than I thought I could go.

Being Sunday it was a booked long run with Sue first thing.  It was raining and I needed to do at least 4 miles to take my total above 10 which is the furthest I've run this year so far.  Sue wanted to do 6 so that's what we headed out for.  The rain wasn't too heavy but when we got to Seaford beach the spray from the sea made it worse.  The wind was very strong, probably the worst it's been since Friday.  Sue hasn't done much running for the last few weeks so once we hit 3 miles there were a few walk breaks which my poor Juneathon legs were pleased about, but my head got a bit frustrated.  All in all not a great run, Sue likes to talk way too much and it's difficult to get breathing and pace right - I like running with her but I'm much better on my own!

No June fact today - can't find anything which is remotely interesting.  Instead here is a link to a list of people who have died on 24th June.

Day 24 mileage :
Running : 6.8 miles
Dog Walk : 2 miles
Weightwatchers WI day : 61.9 kgs (stayed the same)

Total Juneathon mileage :
Running : 88 miles
Walking : 73 miles

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  1. Wow - great mileage and well done on participating in the longest day run.