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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Chaffree Pants - A Review

 A couple of weeks ago the lovely folks at Chaffree did a shout out on Twitter for bloggers to review their product, not being one to miss a chance of a freebie I contacted them. I recently wore these for a day instead of my normal M&S.

I have to say, they're pretty comfortable.   I get really hot in the mornings getting ready for work and by the time I get into work I feel like I'm ready to change (gross but true).  The leg seams are really comfortable and "moved with my body" instead of rubbing against those poor sensitive areas, and the material is very soft.  I will be interested to see how the fabric feels when it has been washed.

I wanted to show you how they looked under my work trousers but I didn't have a willing volunteer to take the photo and there really was nothing to see, so instead you've got a photo of my backside in leggings which my daughter took before I took the dog for a walk.   She did say my bum looked great (I'll take a compliment from anyone) and "she who is always going on about my VPL" was surprised there was none!

The women's products come in two designs - knickerboxers and briefs and there are lots of choices of leg length, waist height and colour and a good range of sizes.   The mens boxer shorts come in a good range of sizes and colours, and two leg lengths.   The great thing is the more pairs you buy the better the discount.

I want to try this when I go to my exercise class next, that will definitely test the wicking, I'll come back and add a post exercise review next week!

These pants actually do exactly what they say on the packet - all in all a great product which I would be happy to recommend,  If you click on to the Chaffree website and sign up for a newsletter you get a little discount code too - now where's my credit card ?


I can confirm that the pants went through an uneventful wash cycle and came out the other end feeling the same as when I took them out of the packet, and they dry very quickly too which is a bonus!  I can also confirm my original white pair went through an accidental "boil wash" with hubby's work shirts and survived!

I wore my Chaffrees under my exercise leggings at Boxercise on Tuesday.   Not only did my leggings not make their usual descent southwards at any time during the hour's class, I also didn't feel the need to change straight after the class had finished - it's always a sweatfest at Boxercise.  In fact I completely forgot I had them on until I got changed at home!     

I love these soooo much I've bought another 3 pairs - black, "Truffle" and "Blossom".   These are perfect for me for work and exercising in.   I can save my matching sets and "feeling sexy" undies for special occasions! 

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