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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

26th June Blogging gets harder! 4 days to go

Today's June fact is a birthday :

Chris O'Donnell (actor best known for playing Robin in Batman Forever & Agent Callan in NCIS Los Angeles) was born today in 1970.

Nothing very exciting today, no dog walk because Mr B did both the morning and afternoon walks, just a solo run (even though it's a run with Sue day). It was quite nice weather wise - a light breeze, cool temperature which I later found out was due to a fog which had descended over the Downs.  I couldn't decide how far to go, Tuesday is normally a 4 to 6 mile but I wasn't sure if I had that many miles in my legs.  I decided to do the Cycle Path route so that I could turn around when I felt like I'd had enough.   Having walked half a mile while the Garmin continued to "locate satellite" I managed a further 4 mile run.

On the way back home I unfortunately had to run the gauntlet of some nasty young girls.  The 3 of them were walking across the bridge, 3 abreast with dogs, one moved out of the way and I said thank you, at which point they decided to advise me that I had a "lard arse" and "runbitchrun" along with mimicking a running action - not that they looked like they could run a mile between them!  There are times when I hate living in Newhaven - runners are in the minority!

Day 26 totals:
Running : 4
No Dog walk :0(

Juneathon Totals
Running: 94 miles 
Walking : 76 miles 


  1. What nasty bits of work, someone needs to teach them respect and manners.

    Well done for just ignoring them and carrying on and being strong. They can't do it and that's their problem.
    4 days to go!!!!

    1. 4 days of slog - at least we have prom to look forward to Thursday which means early run!

  2. what awful little cretins, and to think they will probably be pregnant in a few years, what a future for their poor offspring
    fantastic! you have almost done 100 miles!!

  3. Right, thats it - I'm coming down there and we'll see who they want to call lardarse when I put my fist intheir faces! Little cowbags