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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Day 28 Promathon

Today is the day we've all been waiting for - no not the last 2 days of Juneathon, but my daughter's Prom Day!

I took the day off work to taxi Princess Dani around as required so was able to go out for my run first thing. I had only planned on doing 2 miles a day for the last 3 days but of course Juneathon madness took over and I decided to head out for 4!  That was a big mistake.  It was a very warm morning and although I took it very slowly it wasn't long before the sweat was running off me.  I had to keep wiping my sunglasses because they kept steaming up!  There were a couple of other runners out and we all agreed it was a warm one.  Not sure why but on the way back I began to feel a bit unwell, whether it was the fact I hadn't let my breakfast go down, over hydrating or over-heating I don't know but after a while I got that impending feeling of doom in my stomach that every runner dreads - I can honestly say I have never been so glad to see those golden arches.  Had a quick pit stop and then set off for home.  My Garmin was also playing up and didn't stop when I got stuck at the train crossing (again!) so all in all not a good run.  I'm sticking to 2 miles for Friday and Saturday ..... maybe!

Only a couple of short walks for Archie with me today, one before we went to the hairdressers at 12pm, and a longer one at 2.30pm.

So on to the business of the day.   Just a few photos before they left !

Day 28 totals:

Running : 4 miles
Dog walk :  1 mile and a bit
No of car journeys : 4
No of tissues used : Zero - that surprised you (& me!)

Juneathon Totals
Running: 101 miles 
Walking : 79 miles 


  1. She looks beautiful - thank goodness after all the kerfuffle with the dress!

    1. Thanks Amy - so glad it all came right in the end - so very proud !

  2. She looks beautiful!