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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Juneathon Day 10 - A Near Disaster

Today's interesting June fact :

On 10th June 1902 a patent for the window envelope for letters was granted to HF Callahan. 

Yesterday was a bit testing after I'd logged and blogged, the laptop decided that it was not playing anymore.  No online shopping, no Weight Watchers logging and worse no more Juneathon.  Couldn't get Running Free Online to work on my Android phone and attempts to draft a blog were painfully slow.  Luckily we have an old lap top that Mr B uses for games, and he managed to get it going so that I can use it whilst we work out what's wrong with the workhorse. I've had to manually enter my miles on Running Free as my Garmin isn't set up on the old machine.

This morning's Juneathon effort was a Sunday long run with Sue.  There is always way too much talking when we run, which makes me struggle with my breathing and Sue has only been out with me twice since the start of the month but she wanted to do 6 plus miles.  We headed out to our usual 6 mile plus route to Seaford.  It was quite pleasant weather conditions, nice and cool with a few spots of rain.  I did 5 miles yesterday so it was a bit of a struggle to put in the extra mile.

This afternoon we walked Archie and Sue's dog, Molly as she has gone away for work - no running with Sue until Thursday at the earliest!  Only a 2 mile walk down the riverbank before the heavens opened.

Today's Juneathon miles:
Running : 6 miles
Dog walk : 2 miles

Total miles
Running : a nice round 40 miles
Dog walk : 27 miles


  1. Your mileage is so impressive! 40 miles just 10 days in? Wow!

    1. Thank you, I have surprised myself just hope I can keep it going!

  2. Ditto that comment - I'm well impressed with the miles you've clocked up so far!

    1. Thank you, never thought it would happen after Janathon! Better not speak too soon

  3. Replies
    1. Cheers Kim, impressed with your mileage on that bike - I'd rather have sore knees than a sore bum! lol x

  4. you on fire !!

  5. i guess running with someone else helps you stick to the "conversational pace" :)