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Saturday, 30 June 2012

30th THE END Thank you very much

Today's June fact  


The last day was always going to be a challenge, mainly because Shaun was working which meant I had two dog walks, fruit & veg shopping, washing and housework to do as well as throw in a few miles run.  I think Archie knew I had to run this evening and lead me on a couple of nice, easy walks - around town this morning and down the riverbank to Piddinghoe this afternoon.  A very gentle 4 miles.   Now that there won't be as much running I will be coaxing Archie on some longer walks for the rest of the summer! 

I waited until Shaun got home from work before I went for my run.  I really had no more than 2 miles left in the tank so 2 miles it was!

Day 30 mileage :
Run : 2 miles
Walk : 4 miles + 2 miles to pick up Dani from a party on the other side of town

Juneathon Totals :
Run : 107 miles
Walk : 88 miles
Hours spent exercising : 81 hours
Weight lost : 3lbs

I was saying yesterday that taking part in Juneathon (and Janathon) is a double-edged sword.  The first half is fun, getting used to going out and running, the 3rd week gets more difficult as the mileage starts to take it's toll on your body (well it did on mine) and by the final week you're running out of things to say on the blog other than I ran!   But it's still enjoyable in a strange sort of way!

Having only completed a few running miles during Janathon I really wanted to up the ante - and I am more than pleased with the results!   Getting up and going out early has been a revelation, however I can't imagine achieving an early morning run during autumn/winter.  I'm off on holiday in just over a weeks time and I will be taking my running kit to run the beachfront walkway at Playa des las Americas.  I need to keep my fitness/stamina up for a 10k when I get back.

I couldn't have done any of this without the support from Shaun - who loves to sabotage and on more than one occasion has said "you don't have to run tonight" or "you're not going out in that weather". Trouble is he hasn't worked out it actually makes me more determined to get out and just do it.  It's been a lot easier to go out with the longer daylight hours.  I also couldn't have done this without the support and motivation from fellow Juneathoners - thank you for reading the blog and leaving comments and to @jogblog with going along with the bet - it certainly helped to have that hanging over me every day!  The motivation from Twitter is a major part of getting through the challenge.

Congratulations to my brother, @stevierun71 who is top of the Table of Doom tonight - great running this month, so proud of you x

What's next?

August 19th Seaford 10k
October 7th RISE Undercliff 8k
November Brooks Brighton 10k
February 2013 Brighton Half

I've still got to do a Parkrun - I really need to get that sorted!

Not sure if I'll be back for Janathon - will have to wait and see how the half training goes.

I'll still be blogging, just not every day!  There will be a few things with Danni coming up, including GCSE results and also the small question of getting Shaun back to walking long distance after he's had an MRI next week.

Well done everyone - it's been a great month x  
Good night and thank you


  1. absolutely amazing! and have a wonderful time in Tenerife!

    1. Thanks Alma and also for reading the blog - looking forward to our run in October, shouldn't wish my life away though!

  2. Well done, fantastic miles this month! You can have a few days of now xxx

  3. Fabulous! And an amazing total. Well done for completing!

  4. Yippee! Fab mileage - you have put us all to shame! Well done.