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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Day 23 Killing 2 Birds with 1 Stone

First things first - today's June fact :-

on 23rd June 1996 (the year my daughter was born!) Nintendo 64 went on sale in Japan!   and I like this one : 23rd June 1295 - Pope Boniface VIII enters Rome!

As well as completing my daily Juneathon run I am taking part in Longest Day Run this weekend.  

I'm not doing it for charity, as there will be opportunities for charity running later in the year, I'm just doing it because I can and it will motivate me to run longer on both days (well that's the plan), bumping my total for Juneathon up. 

This morning Shaun and I were alone as wayward teenager was sleeping over at a friends house, he'd already said he wanted to spend some time together so we got up (late) and took the dog out for a nice (windy) 2 mile walk along the river bank and up to the pond and back.  Next up was a quick shopping trip to Sainsbury and Lidl to get some provisions. Home for a spot of lunch and wait for the clock to tick over to 3pm when I'd planned my run.

When 3pm came I got changed into my kit and headed out.  It was still quite windy as I headed to the cycle path only planning to do 6 miles but as usual wanted to push it on a bit, but decided at the 3.5 mile point to turn back.  Think I could've actually gone on to 4 miles and turned back but of course have to bear in mind that I have to do another long one tomorrow as Sue will be joining me, and I'm heading for a total of more than 10 miles for the Longest Day Run Challenge.  So a not too bad 7 miles in 1 hr 18 mins, a few niggly pains but I suppose that's only to be expected after 23 days of running and walking over 100 miles! Pleased with the stats for the run - average mile just under 10 min mile, 5k 33 mins and 10k spot on PB at 1hr 9 mins.

Day 23 Totals

Running : 7 miles
Dog walk : 2 miles
Amount of wind run/walked into : 9 miles worth!

Total Juneathon Miles

Running : 81 miles 
Walking : 71 miles

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  1. Well done on a great run - hope Sunday's is as good.
    Like the daily fatcs!