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Monday, 11 June 2012

11th day of Juneathon - On A Cliff Edge

For the next few days June related posts turn to music.  Can't find anything up to date so I'm going back to the olden days!  First stop - Bing Crosby - enjoy

Bing Crosby sang June in January in 1934 

I really should've got up and run this morning before work. Unfortunately because
of the weather my body found it very difficult to wake up early ;0) So instead of
running report I'll tell you about the dog walk.

The weather was a bit iffy this afternoon and I was convinced the dog wouldn't want to walk far so wasn't really prepared when he lead me towards a walk we've only done a couple of times in recent weeks.  After following an unmade road away from home the track leads on to an area of Newhaven called Castle Hill Nature Reserve. 

This is most definitely an "on the lead" walk as in some places the path is only a couple of feet from the cliff edge.  It's lovely when the sun's shining and there are great views out to sea, even on a cloudy day!  Today's dog walk was 4 miles!

So now to my run.  I was feeling quite tired following the dog walk.  Clenching one's buttocks whilst concentrating on a rabbit-loving Jack Russell X is exhausting!   I was only go to do 2 miles as a recovery run following yesterday's 6 miler, and if I'd gone this morning it would only have been two, however I actually ran 4 miles.  Not only did I run 4 but I also shaved off a minute of the best time I've done that route.  It was a good time to run, only a slight drizzle, light breeze and quite cool.  The roads were very quiet because of the football too so all in all I'm quite pleased with myself tonight - so much so I celebrated with a small glass of wine with my dinner.

Day 11 Juneathon Miles
Running : 4 miles
Dog walk : 4 miles

Total Juneathon Miles
Running : 44 miles
Dog walk : 31 miles


  1. you have done so well! 75 miles in only 11 days

    1. It's a massive amount isn't it? I don't normally record dog walking mileage, it soon racks up !

  2. Well done sis that was a good run today. :D x

  3. Have caught up on your last few posts - am tired just reading about it all!