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Thursday, 7 June 2012

7th Day of Juneathon - Early Doors & Prom Hair

I think I have found my blog theme for June, no not bugs but everything June!

Meet the June Bug
Some interesting facts the June Bug is native to north America. 

I was up and raring to go struggled to get up at 5.30 this morning!  On checking my phone found Sue had cancelled so I was going out on my own.  Not a particularly nice morning which necessitated a running jacket and a cap to keep dry.   I had planned a 2 mile run down to West Beach again, normally I'd push on and do 3 but I wasn't really feeling like it so kept it at 2.  Back home to get ready for work and a cooked breakfast of poached eggs, grilled mushroom, tomato and toast.  I forgot it was half term and ended up getting into work nearly an hour early - won't be doing that again!

Today's dog walk was nothing to write home about either- the weather was so bad just before we went out I had to wear my waterproof and walking boots!  Only managed 2 miles with the dog too.  Hopefully we'll get out for some better distances as the month goes on.  

I had to escort Danni to the hairdressers this afternoon as well as she was having her prom hair consultation. Thinking it was going to be some kind of trial run I was a bit taken aback when it was all over and done in 15 minutes!  Danni looks no different to how she was when she walked in - slightly disappointed & I paid to park the car too thinking we were going to be at least half an hour!

We originally had an amber weather warning for tomorrow but its been downgraded to a yellow with only 50mph winds.

Juneathon Day 7

Running : 2 miles
Dog walk : 2 miles

Total :

Running : 26 miles
Walking : 17 miles


  1. ONLY 50mph winds - if you get that behind you you'll break Jos winning streak!

    1. It was 70 yesterday - hubby told me I'm not to run pfft yeah right!

  2. A marathon in a week, you should be very proud, well done! xx

  3. Only 50mph?!?!!! It sounds like you're doing well to get out there at all!

  4. 26 miles already! Well done!

  5. Nice bug!
    Will we ever get some June weather?