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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

13th Day of Juneathon - 2 mile PB & Some Culture

Up at 5.30am today to get another 2 miles done.   We're out tonight at the theatre to see Agatha Christie's Murder on the Nile, starring Kate O’Mara (Dynasty and Bad Girls), Denis Lill(The RoyalDoctor Who), Susie Amy (71 Degrees NorthFootballers’ Wives), Chloe Newsome (Coronation Street), Ben Nealon (Soldier, Soldier) and 60s pop idol, Mark Wynter.   Hopefully, Mr B won't spoil it and tell me who dunnit after 10 minutes of it starting!

I did the same route this morning as I did last night and somehow managed to run it nearly 2 minutes faster.  Was it because I was more tired when I went out at 7pm?   Was it because there was less traffic, therefore less time waiting to cross roads? Or is Juneathon actually having a positive effect on my running?  We're not quite halfway through the month so we'll have to see!  Still nursing a blister which has come up on my big toe, which I think was caused by my twin skins! 

Not sure whether I'll get some dog walking miles in later but won't have time to blog (will update later).

Today's June musical reference is from 1962 - Never heard of Freddy Cannon myself but it's a catchy tune!

June July and August - Freddy Cannon : 1962

Day 13's totals :

Running : 2 miles with a near 2 minute better time
Dog walk : 3 miles with Mr B
4 Fisherman
1 dog walker
1 cyclist

Total Juneathon miles :
Running :48 miles
Walking : 36 miles


  1. Hope you enjoyed the play! Fantastic mileage, well done :)

  2. Well, how was it? (the performance, not the run, HA!)

  3. Well done on the 2 mile pb! And keep up the great mileage.