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Monday, 4 June 2012

3 miles & All That Jazz - Day 4

Up early again to get ready for a 3 mile run with Sue, down to the beach and back.  Sue talked me into wearing my jacket as she said it was cold, the jacket was off and tied round my waist when we got to the mile mark!  It was dry but pretty windy.

No idea what we're doing today apart from tonight when the three of us are going to see the West End touring show of Chicago.  Dani has wanted to see this for a while.      

I've blogged now as we won't be back home until late.   I will also be walking the dog later, so more mileage will be updated tomorrow.

Have a good day everyone.

Day 4 miles : 3 miles in 31 mins
Musicals seen : 1
Dog walk miles : 3 miles

Total Juneathon miles : 
running: 16
dog walks : 10


  1. Jealous, I want to see that. And great Juneathon mileage!

  2. Very impressed - run, logged and blogged before I'm dressed.
    Looks like you're having a fantastic Juneathon - you will be well set for your first HM.

    1. The getting up early & running is getting harder as the week goes on - there will be some later runs later in the month!

  3. I'm not jealous of Chicago, I'm jealous that you can run! Without pain... mostly ;-) ...tho both sound fun...

  4. Cheers Heidi I'm sure you'll be back out and running soon (especially now you've got your orthotics!!)

  5. Well done Mrs B, excellent running, you'll be catching your little brother up at this rate!!

  6. Wow I hope you enjoyed Chicago, brilliant musical.