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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Father's Day & 17 days of Juneathon

Today is Father's Day. Presents for Father's Day gets more and more difficult every year.  This year has been a little easier - normally my Dad and Shaun's Dad receive gardening vouchers (both being keen gardeners) but this year we decided to go for something completely different.  After a lot of searching on the internet I found Cadburys do chocolate hampers - perfect for my Dad, and apparently well received by FIL!

Hubby is impossible to buy for at the best of times.  Over the last few weeks he has spent some time in the garden planting and tidying and has bought some tacky nice solar powered lights.  In a local shop Dani and I found a Buddha statue with a solar powered light - perfect and now has pride of place in the flower border!

This morning I headed out for a long run (6 miles but if I felt ok a few more).  I was supposed to be running with Sue but she was feeling unwell so I went on my own, a little later than anticipated and because of things I wanted to do later meant I would only be able to do 6 miles.

When I got back I text Shaun who had gone out with the dog to find out where they were headed.  He wanted to meet at the pub by the Seven Sisters Country Park (Golden Galleon) and then walk back.   We had a quick bite to eat and then set off back home across the Downs.   A lovely 7 mile walk in the sunshine.

Day 17 miles :
Run : 6 miles
Dog walk : 7 miles

Total Juneathon miles :
Running : 61 miles
Walking : 55 miles 


  1. a 6 mile run and a 7 mile walk!! You are amazing!!

    1. And bloody knackered - not sure it's going to do me any good for the rest of the month but hey - it was amazing up on those hills & it was great to spend time with hubby on our own!

  2. Wow! You must be tired right now - looks like a lovely walk.

    1. It was pretty knackering - the pub visit between helped although no alcohol was involved!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks lovely - you should come with us one day - it's different to NDW, obviously! It's in the south !

  4. well done! thats a half marathon :)

    1. Thanks, thank god my first half marathon won't be AS hilly!

  5. WOW - that's a hlaf marathon in a day - well done!