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Friday, 1 June 2012

Juneathon Day 1 - An Early Start

So here we go, the 1st day of Juneathon.  The one benefit of it being June is that it gets light, very early, and so I am normally awake between 4.30 and 5am.   I have a few early morning runs planned as the family have quite a lot going on this month.   Hubby is obviously still working shifts and Danni as regular readers will know is mid-GCSE and at the end of the month will be at her school Prom.

This morning I was awake at normal June time so was out of the house by 5.45, having taken two bites of banana & a glug of water.  As you will see from my last entry I had a bet with @jogblog, which yesterday I lost, and so will be adding an extra mile to my runs each day.  Today's was an easy 1 mile + the additional mile, but actually ended up being nearer 3 (as logged on Running Free Online).   Newhaven is a very sleepy place at that time of the morning so no traffic to contend with and only 1 dog walker & a couple of fishermen to wish good morning to.  I decided to do the West Beach out & back route this morning, which was very pleasant. 

Later on I'm taking Archie out for his walk - apparently hubby has told me the dog has started on his Juneathon effort and took hubby for a long walk this morning.  Dog walks will add mileage to Juneathon but I'm definitely going to try more running than Janathon!  

Still not sure how the blog will develop over the month, but I hope to make it more interesting than me just blabbing on!

Day 1 Run : 2.79 miles (logged as 3) in 31.13 minutes

Dog walk : 3 Miles in 1hour 20 mins


  1. Early morning runs are the best. Unfortunately, I'm far to lazy to make the most of the sunrise!
    Good luck for the rest of juneathon.

    1. agree! i am beginning to discover the beauty of empty streets and pavements early in the morning. and by the time your housemates get up... you have already exercised! awesome! :)

  2. Great start! I can't get up that early, well done! :D

  3. Good start! is amazing how the miles add up :)

  4. I think you should register Archie separately for Juneathon. His mileage is respectable as a stand-alone participant! Of course, he might have some trouble with the blogging requirement...

    Meanwhile, you're off to a great start! It will be fun reading you regularly again :-)

  5. Off to a good start :-)

  6. Congrats on making your start for Juneathon! I look forward to taking the journey with you over the next month :) I have a JRT too.. unfortunately she doesn't accompany me on runs as she can be a little unpredictable like Archie! Have a great day 2! x

  7. What a great start to the month, long may it continue!

  8. Brilliant start to the month - although I'm not sure anot all this early morning business. BTW I love the theme of your blog...I feel all summer hazy now.