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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Day 16 - a shove out the door !

Today's June is :
June Brown who plays Dot (Cotton) Brannning in Eastenders. 

On Tuesday I went for lunch with Mum and Dad and mum's Australian cousin and her husband.  I promised a photo so here it is 

and this is Mum & Leanna
Seems a shame that after 50 years they only got to spend a couple of days together - thank heavens for the invention of Skype!

Back to today's Juneathon.  I knew it was going to be a busy day.   Mr B started work at 10 and doesn't finish until 9 tonight!  I took the dog for his morning walk, now the rain has stopped he's happy to walk on grass.  We went along the river bank to Piddinghoe and back - a nice 2 ish miles.  When I got back I had to get Danni's gift for her dad - it's no good asking her to do it she was sleeping "revising"! Back home to drop off purchases and straight back out again to drive to the outskirts of Brighton and buy Sunday lunch from M&S (Dine in for £10 weekend!), back to Newhaven to do the veg shop and then to Peacehaven to pick up the laptop from the menders!  Back home to unpack the shopping, swallow some lunch, check the laptop was working ok and then back out with the dog for the afternoon walk.  It was lovely this afternoon, a bit windy but otherwise lovely & warm.   We headed to the beach where the sea had been whipped up well and truly and there were between 10 and 20 surf dudes out on the water.  It was quite a spectacle.   Another 4 and a bit miles and the dog walks were done for the day.

Because of this fun packed day, when I got back from the dog walk my legs felt like jelly so I decided (foolishly) to ask Twitter if it was OK for me to forego my run today.  I suppose I knew what the answer would be @ReNcEsTaR said it was ok if I sprinted round the block; @mrafletch said it was fine; then @jogblog reminded me of our bet & that I'd promised to run at least 2 miles every day; plus a couple of others saying that it was fine but a bet's a bet, so off I went - leaving Danni to sort out dinner (like that was going to happen!) and did 2.7 miles. It was quite speedy up to the 2 mile mark and I was a couple of seconds off my best 2 mile time!  Maybe it was the thought that dinner was waiting for me!  I did get back to find two plates with a tomato on each!

All in all a good day - thanks guys for pushing me out the door, if it hadn't been for the shove the blog would've been done before dinner!

Day 16 miles :
Dog walk : 7 miles
Run : 2.7 (which running free has taken as 3!)

Total Juneathon miles :
Running : 55 miles
Walking : 48 miles 

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