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Sunday, 3 June 2012

3rd June - 2 half marathons & Ironing

This morning's run was another early one and the first of the month with Sue.  I wanted to get over to Seaford to see the Half Marathon leave at 9, I had taken my camera but hadn't checked the battery.  When we got there the battery was dead and hence no photos of the Seaford Half Marathon.   The weather was good for running in, but not ideal for being on the South Downs - no doubt @Tomroper's blog will be a race report.   I didn't spot him in the pack unfortunately.

So Sue and I have done 6 miles today (in two halves) and took about 1hr 15 minutes which was good.  I think that's one of the fastest times we've done that run.

When I got back I got on with the ironing (which was a marathon of it's own!)  and entered myself for the Brighton Half Marathon 2013 (Juneathon madness takes over again).  Bit fed up that I missed the early bird registration and had to spend £2 more!

The dog walk today was to the local village of Piddinghoe, where their Jubilee celebration was being held on the Hoe.  We didn't stay, felt a bit guilty at gatecrashing!

Run miles : 6 in 1hr 15 mins (I think but Garmin was going on & off whilst we were waiting for the HM runners)
Dog walk miles : 2 miles 1hr 20 mins
Half Marathons watched : 1
Half Marathons entered : 1
Ironing Hours : 1 hour 30 minutes
WW weigh in 61.9 kg lost 1.3kgs


  1. Well done, you did loads today!

  2. Good job on all fronts (minus forgetting the charge the camera, of course). Oh I can't tell you how I'd so much rather run 6 mi. & walk 2 more over ironing as long as you did! I'm lucky that we are self-employed from home & rarely have to wear good clothes but for weddings, funerals & trade shows. I get to wear t-shirts & jeans most days, thus no ironing required, thankfully!

  3. busy day! well done on your run :)

  4. I think early bird for Brighton Half was only for last years entrants as we were all emailed a code, it was only valid till friday. well done on fab distance Lesley xxx

  5. Oooh you're brave it's a hilly one!

  6. Oooh Brighton Half, what a good idea.