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Friday, 8 June 2012

8th day of Juneathon - Wind!

Following on with the "June" theme - Birthstone of the month is Pearl 

The healing properties of the Pearl are reputed to be effective for health problems relating to the heart, spleen, stomach, intestine & ulcer problems.  June has two other birthstones connected to it - Moonstone & Alexandria.  Further descriptions here.

Day 8 welcomed in some lovely weather.  On Wednesday the forecasters had been telling us that 70mph winds were arriving on Friday, and there was an amber weather warning in place.  Mr B having seen this told me I wasn't running on Friday as it was too dangerous - whateva!  On Thursday the weather warning was reduced to yellow, 50mph winds.  Mr B was a little happier at the thought of me running but still not that happy with thoughts of me getting bumped on the head by flying debris!

So this morning I woke at 5, lay listening for the sound of stuff whipping up and down the road.  A few noises but it didn't seem that bad so I got up, got myself ready and headed out the door.  I decided not to risk exposed areas and places where I know there are wind tunnels, and headed for my industrial estate circuit which Sue and I devised for running during dark winter nights.  It was much better out than forecast, and because the route is a circuit I had no choice but to do 3 miles.  Back home for porridge (not something I normally eat in June!)

After work I took the dog for a lovely walk - a little windy but a great 5 miles on the Downs - one of my favourite walks.  This is how it looked in January - it looks very different now!

Archie did his best Roobarb impression through the wheat crop!

Running miles : 3 miles
Dog walk miles : 5 miles

Total Juneathon : 
Running : 29 miles
Dog Walk : 23 miles


  1. Love your new theme! I did not know the birthstone of June. This will be informative then... & I still get your exercise report as well, what fun!

    1. It's important to learn something new every day - if not for my readers then for me. I didn't know either, so it's all good. I will try hard to find interesting June facts for the rest of the month x