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Friday, 15 June 2012

Halfway & A Swift Kick up the Bum Needed !

Today's June fact :

15th June is the national flag day of Denmark to mark the Anniversary of the Battle of Valdemar in 1219 in Lyndanisse, Estonia

Can't quite believe I've made it to day 15, and not sure how much longer I will be taking part in Juneathon.  Mr B has lost enthusiasm for me running daily, the laptop is still sick so logging and blogging is becoming time consuming and generally I'm knackered. Anyway enough moaning.

Today's dog walk was looking iffy.  It started to rain heavily at about 3.15 and Archie never really fancies going out very far.  However, the rain stopped and we managed 3 miles in on and off showers.

I wasn't going for a run but then I felt guilty and after giving myself a good talking to went for a quick 2 miles down to the Marina and back.  

Day 15 Totals

Run : 2 miles
Dog Walk : 3 miles

Total Juneathon miles

Run : 52 miles
Walk : 41 miles


  1. Well done in making it half way! I'm still having troubles with my knee but I'm gonna keep going until the end. Unless my knee totally caves in!

    1. I have a niggle in my heel, tight hips (although it's better than it was) and a massive blister on my big toe caused by my socks. Look after that knee!

  2. Well done half way! You've done so well so far - you can do it!