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Saturday, 9 June 2012

9th day of Juneathon - Running OCD

Today's June fact

June has two birth flowers one is the Honeysuckle.  Apparently there are 180 varieties of the Honeysuckle and is used in herbal cough mixtures.

and the second is the rose.  This one is called June Bloom.

This morning I woke in a bit of panic, not because it was 8 o'clock & I wasn't out running, but because I got a bit OCD over the fact my total run miles were at an odd number. I was going to do a 2 mile run which would have left them still odd, so the plan when I was getting ready was to do 3 miles (long run Sunday so didn't want to go too far).  However, me being me 3 miles wasn't enough this morning.  The weather was lovely, still windy but sunny and warm.  I forgot to check my watch and missed the 1.5 mile marker (got distracted by a rather cute Jack Russell who wanted to play) and couldn't go back at the 2 mile marker because there was nowhere to turn around, so had to run on to the 2.5 mile turn around point, making total running miles today 5.   Unusual experience today, a runner catching me up for a chat.  I've never seen her before.  We ran together for about a mile before she had to turn back.  She wasn't training for anything but told me she liked to run 7 miles every other day.  I told her about Juneathon!  

Lovely dog walk this afternoon along the riverbank - only 2 miles but Archie had been out with Mr B on a 6 mile walk in the morning!  The only bit of excitement was me accidentally throwing the ball in the stinging nettles. Note to self don't try retrieving a tennis ball from stinging nettles when wearing 3/4 length jeans! 

Today's Miles:
Run : 5
Dog : 2

Total Juneathon Miles:
Run : 34
Dog walk : 25 (bugger my dog walking miles are odd too!)

Today's distractions
1 Jack Russell
1 Female Runner


  1. Oh I got distracted by a dog today too - agorgeous miniature daschund I was gutted I didn't take a pic for the blog. How lovel to have another runner catch up with you and run! Have you madea running date?

    1. No run date 7 miles every run would be knackering !

  2. Well done on the mileage, going great. I won't ask what the prob with odd miles are, but well done for promoting juneathon on the go