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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Sunshine, Bikes & a Dog Walk - Janathon day 11

It was lovely to wake up without the alarm this morning!   The "plan" as such was to get up, Shaun to walk the dog whilst I did my exercises and stretching and then load the car up with my bike ready for me to drive to Brighton Marina and meet him there.  

30 day fitness challenges

Tricep Dips - 35

Super Easy Push Up - 18

Plank - 50 secs (should be 60 - tomorrow is supposed to be 90 -pah I don't think so)

Easy Squat - 75

So, exercises and stretches done I got ready for the bike ride, Shaun eventually left and I had 10 minutes to finish sorting myself out before I left to meet him as arranged.  We finally found each other in the Marina car park after a couple of text messages and the bike was out of the car and reassembled!

It was a lovely day for a cycle, dry and sunny.  It was quite busy on Brighton seafront and the amount of people who still haven't got the hang of the fact that there is a well used cycle path along it was astounding.  A few near misses, one old bloke did a funny backwards-forwards-standstill dance in front of Shaun, how it didn't end in tears I shall never know.   We steadily made our way to Shoreham Power Station, lots of practice using the brakes, changing gear and getting my feet in and out of the toe clips.   I spent the whole 5.5 miles grinning like a stupid thing - Shaun was quite pleased to see that!    When we got to Carats Cafe we stopped for a coffee.   It was lovely to get off the bike for 10 minutes and take in some of the sunshine.
Frustrating return back to the Marina with all the people getting in the way, including cyclists who were slowing down and stopping without thinking about what was behind them!  I was going to have a massive rant about parents making their kids wear bike helmet and then not wearing one themselves, but I've decided I really can't be bothered.    We did find a nice empty stretch near the end and we got some good speed up (well for me anyway - nearly 20mph)!  Bike back in the car and Shaun cycled back to home.

11.65 miles in 1 hour 25 mins

I really enjoyed the ride - was a bit wobbly but I can't wait to go out again.

Whilst Shaun was cleaning the bikes and putting them away I took Archie out for his afternoon walk - we headed for the river bank after yesterday's mudfest.

Long shadows

Waiting for the ball to be thrown

The pond was a brilliant blue colour

Off he goes after the ball!

2 miles walk done!