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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Day 16 - We're halfway !

Sorry, these posts are getting a bit boring aren't they?   I need to find something interesting to say!  All the usual physio stuff when I got up at 6 and then I did my 30 day fitness challenges :-

Plank - 60 secs
Squat - 50
Tricep - 50
Super Easy Push Up - Rest day

First day of keeping an eye on the calorie intake today and I have measured myself too so I can keep better track of what's going on!

This afternoon's dog walk was fun - it started raining just as I got in from work but had stopped by the time I'd got changed and we were ready to leave.  I left my phone at home so no walk photos today!

2 and a bit miles in 1 hour 15 minutes - it was very windy but at least it stayed dry.  The riverbank is becoming very muddy, not sure how much longer we can keep walking there!

I was all kitted up and ready to get on the turbo trainer whilst cooking daughter's dinner.  My mind was on other things (like what I was going to have for my dinner and how long could I do on the turbo) and by accident I picked up a stainless pan lid which I hadn't noticed had been sitting in a flame

I actually caught my thumb too !  Anyway I ran the coldwater tap for ages, then wrapped my hand in a wet tea towel and went out on the turbo for 20 minutes.   I couldn't cope with anymore and had to come back in and carry on running the coldwater over it.   After a little while I thought I'd sit and hold my ice block.  That helped!  When I went on Twitter to announce my misfortune the lovely @fairweatherrun (Rachel) suggested blister plasters to reduce the pain and cover the burn.   So that's what I've done - who knew blister plasters would be so useful.

Todays Janathon effort :-

2 miles dog walk
20 mins turbo (about 8k) (with hurty hands)


  1. Picking up a super heated pan lid just so you have something to blog about is above and beyond!

  2. Ouch poor you! Hope its feeling a little better today