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Monday, 6 January 2014

Proper Back to Work - Boo

The alarm went off at 6am this morning, unfortunately it didn't register until 6.15am, (and the back up alarm was accidentally set for 6pm so I'm told)!

Physio exercises and stretches done - except in my haste I forgot 2 exercises!

Plank (got my rest day wrong, it should be today) 40 secs 
Tricep dips - 20
Super easy push up (because these are a bit too easy I've decided to double the target for the day - supposed to be 6 today) - 12 pushups

Work clothes ironed; porridge, banana and cinnamon consumed; soup heated and in a flask and before I knew it I was on the bus to work! I really should remember not to sit upstairs when it's windy.  To concentrate on not puking I meditated had a nap.

Unfortunately nobody told the coffee machine it would be needed today - first job of the morning was to call out an engineer.  Great - lots of moany, whingey, lazy colleagues!   Is it really that difficult to climb an extra couple of flights of stairs and boil a kettle?  Apparently it is!

Physio this afternoon went well - apparently the shins are mending well although there is still one spot on my right leg which is slightly tender.   Cathy did some ultrasound on the right leg and some acupuncture on both and then massed shins, calves and my feet (til I cried)!   The problem I have now is that my tendons are inflamed, which is the cause of the bee sting sensation I keep getting along the lower parts of my legs.  Bit upset that she suggested forgetting running for this year, allowing the legs to completely repair before I start again - not quite what I had in mind.  However, she was pleased with the work I've been doing in the gym and on the turbo trainer, and with the strengthening exercises.  I did mention to her that "fatigue" seems to be getting further away - so she gave me a band to put round my legs to add some resistance.  

I asked her if it was ok to take the bike out on the road in the next couple of weeks - and she only went and said yes - woohoo.  I'm actually allowed to ride my new road bike on tarmac.  So next available opportunity the bikes are going on a little journey to the cycle path along Brighton seafront.  Now that I've come to terms with the not running tomorrow, next week, next month or this year I'm quite excited at the thought of getting out.   Hubby has even bought me some new kit - so I don't have to borrow his anymore.

After physio I popped into LA Fitness and did 30 minutes (12.5k apparently) on the bike and 10 minutes on the Cross trainer.  I would have done more but the place was rammed - people were queuing for machines and pairing up on the weights etc and in the changing rooms women were hovering for lockers and there was a queue for the showers.  I would've gone for a swim but there was a group of girls standing around in their swimming stuff waiting to go in, so I legged it and went home - apologies to the fellow bus passengers for the smelly, sweaty mess sat at the back!

So that's Day 6 done!   According to the Table of Doom I've done 34 miles - happy with that!


  1. so glad you are on the mend - and you get to ride the new bike!! xx

    1. I know how exciting is that? And I get to support all my lovely running friends all year!

  2. Yay for fatigue getting further away. That's great news about taking the bike out too.

  3. Oh no to no running - ideal opportunity to work on the other 2 disciplines of the tri :-)