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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Janathon Day 7 - Do you know how dark it is at 5.15?

Today was one of those rare days where I have to get up a bit earlier to take the dog out before work because Mr B is starting work at the crack o' sparrows!  Luckily we set both alarms to go off this morning - they both went off at 5am!  He jumped out of bed and I laid there in total shock.

At 5.15 I started my physio exercises - that resistance band makes a whole lot of difference, only managed 10 leg raisers and 10 clams on each leg as opposed to the 50 I've been doing for the last week!

30 day fitness challenges :-

Tricep dips - 20
Planks - 45 secs (you know on Countdown when they say "I've got an iffy 7" - well my 45 sec plank was iffy!)
Super easy push ups - (plan says 7) so on my double up challenge I did 14

I took the dog out at 6 for a mile which took us 30 minutes - it was very dark out (no street lights in Newhaven thanks to the tight fisted Council!)   We did see a fox which Archie thought was good fun - not sure the barking was welcomed by anyone still asleep.
On the move

Where's the fox?

That's how dark it is!

I was a bit pleased when I got home just after 3 - it wasn't raining so I took the dog down to Eastside beach (the short route).  We played ball for a bit and watched the waves breaking over the arm, and then walked back.
If you watch carefully you can see the waves !
The waves were massive - but you can't really see them from this photo!
Whilst Mr B was cooking dinner I went out to the shed and turbo'd.   I'm now sitting with an ice pack on my legs as instructed by the physio.

Janathon Day 7 

Dog walks - 3 miles
Turbo - 40 minutes

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  1. Whoa - way too dark for me - 5.15am makes you v hardcore in my book!